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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fossella in Financial Trouble and Denial, part II

In last night's post I was a little too hasteful in my thinking that FEC reports would be available later this week. That is not the case. They will be available closer to January 15th. But there is plenty of analysis to keep you occupied;

Yesterday's post quoted Georgea Kaye, Fossella's spokesperson as saying the committee raised between $1.2 and 1.8 million each election cycle. Either Rep. Fossella and his staffers are ignorant of their own past or they are just putting out lies hoping no one calls them on it. Totals for his past election cycles;

2000 - $1.285 million
2002 - $758k
2004 - $1.124 m
2006 - $1.488 m

So two of his campaign cycles amassed between $1.2 and 1.8 million. Although they never topped $1.5 million so that $1.8 million figure is rather strange. Of course two of the other campaigns did not even total $1.2 million. Maybe they round up? A lot.

Next it seems ambitious to say that based off of past fund raising production that this year they again will raise at least $1.2 million. With $383,000 in net contributions Rep. Fossella would need to bring in $204,000 in each quarter just to reach $1.2 million for the entire cycle. This is how he has done thus far this cycle per quarter:

4Q 2006 - $0
1Q 2007 - $133,000
2Q 2007 - $151,000
3Q 2007 - $99,000

To wrap this up unless Rep. Fossella pulls in over $200,000 in contributions in his 4Q FEC filing he is failing to meet his own minimum expectations. This is something he has not been able to do once during this election cycle. This will be a telling sign of how much trouble his campaign might be in.

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