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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vito Fossella's Giuliani Problem

I was preparing a post on Rudy's demise and histortic departure from his presidential race when I came across a similar post on the Albany Project that went a step further and clarified the implications of Rudy dropping out on the state. Via the NY Daily News, h/t to the Albany Project;

The effects of Rudy Giuliani's departure from the presidential race are rippling into the upcoming battle for control of the state Senate.

Republican state lawmakers banked on the former mayor's White House bid to stimulate the party base when New Yorkers head to the polls and stave off Democratic rule at the Capitol.


Baruch College political science Prof. Doug Muzzio agreed Republican domination of the Senate is jeopardized by the double whammy of Giuliani's quitting the race and Clinton's potential ascension as the Democratic presidential nominee.

While the article is focusing on the control of the state senate the result is just as bad for Rep. Fossella. He endorsed Rudy Giuliani, in spite of the International Association of Fire Fighters opposition to his candidacy, with some hopes that New York City's favorite Republican son would be atop the ticket driving Republicans to the polls. Now not only will Rudy not be on the ballot but now Sen. Clinton may top the Democratic side doing the opposite of his desires, driving Democrats who may only be interested in the Presidential race to go to the polls and vote, potentially voting for the Democratic Congressional candidate as well.

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