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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Vito Fossella's treasurer fired by NRCC, under FBI investigation

Rep. Vito Fossella's current Treasurer, Christopher Ward has been fired by the National Republican Congressional Committee and the NRCC has asked the FBI to investigate potential misdeeds on his part.

Via Elizabeth Benjamin at the Daily Politics comes the break in the original Real Politics story.

The NRCC would not comment on the investigation, though the source, who is outside the committee, characterized the fraud as severe. Details of exactly what is being investigated is unclear.

Elizabeth picked up the unreported connection that not only has Mr. Ward worked for several other Congressional and Senate campaigns in addition to the NRCC, but he is severing as Rep. Vito Fossella's re-election campaign treasurer. In fact he has served in this position at least through last Monday, January 28, 2008 when he files Fossella's 4Q FEC report. There are no public indications yet that Rep. Fossella has removed him from his paid campaign staff.

This now raises many unpleasant questions for Rep. Vito Fossella. Are his fund raising reports now under scrutiny? Has Mr. Ward commited any similar fraudulent activites on Rep. Fossella's campaign that the NRCC discovered? Is Mr. Ward still employed by Rep. Fossella?

In the end I can't say that corruption tied to Rep. Fossella should surprise anyone.

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