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Friday, February 15, 2008

NRCC preparing to save Vito Fossella?

I have said several times before that Vito Fossella can not rely on the National Republican Congressional Campaign to come in and throw money into his race if it is looking bad for him this fall. They are devastatingly underfunded and having the FBI investigating their accounting is not helping. But news comes today that they may be preparing fire wall plans including Vito Fossella's seat;

Republicans also are defending seats in very expensive media markets. In the New York City media market, the NRCC will have to decide how much to spend on the New Jersey open seats (the 3rd and 7th districts) and Connecticut Rep. Christopher Shays' 4th district seat. The NRCC will also have to decide if Democratic target Rep. Vito Fossella needs help in New York's 13th district.

Certainly there are more doubts about Vito Fossella holding onto his seat than there were this time in 2006.

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