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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tom Wrobleksi writes more biased articles

First Tom Wrobleski tells us the make believe bad news for the Democratic nominee;

...we're pretty sure that the vacant Reynolds seat will pique mightily the interest of the national Democrats, meaning that there could be less money and resources available from them later to help Recchia or Harrison defeat GOP Rep. Vito Fossella in the fall.

So according to Tom the DCCC, the only national organization in the party that helps with money and resources for Congressional races will not be giving here because they will be interested in giving upstate?


Last week, in fact, the DCCC announced a roster of Democratic congressional challengers who will receive "enhanced fundraising and strategic assistance [from the DCCC] in their 2008 campaigns against Republican incumbents."

You guessed it: Neither Recchia nor Harrison were on the list.

Also not on that list was NY-26, Rep. Reynolds now vacant seat. So let's follow Tom's logic here. Harrison or Recchia will not be getting resources from the DCCC because that money will go to the nominee in NY-26 even though that nominee is not on the DCCC's list either, which was the original reason why Tom thinks Harrison or Recchia won't get any money.

note: Jon Powers is the outstanding Democratic candidate for the open NY-26 seeat. He will be another great addition to our NY State Congressional delegation.

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