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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More on "A Responsible Plan"

The out of Iraq plan has been garnering much attention over the past fews days and introducing this Congressional district to the rest of the country. Here is the local round up;

* The Daily Gotham provides video of Steve Harrison on why he has was one of the original 10 to sign onto this plan;

* The Brooklyn Eagle calls Harrison a "strong anti-Iraq war candidate" and continues;

He [Steve Harrison] was among nine Democratic challengers opposing Republican candidates in Washington, D.C. on Monday where Democrats unveiled a “Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.” Retired generals and national security experts consulted to develop the plan. It calls upon Congress to end the nation’s military involvement in Iraq, restore accountability to the government, and to work towards energy independence.

* Joshing Politics;

Steve Harrison Supports The Responsible Plan. The incumbent in New York's 13th Congressional District does not.

Nine more Congressional Candidates and three Senate Candidates have signed onto the plan. There are now 19 Congressional and 3 Senate candidates endorsing this Iraq exit plan. That is some good company.

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