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Thursday, April 24, 2008

NRCC deems Fossella vulnerable but can they help?

The NRCC has decided to try and bail out a flailing Fossella campaign by adding him to their Regain Our Majority Program, which despite its name seems to only funnel money to incumbents and is more of a 'Retain What We Have Program'. While their naming and spin are funny what may top that is that they probably have a worse fund raising cycle than Vito Fossella.

Steve Harrison sent out a campaign emailing hitting him on this;

The GOP has finally learned that supporters of the Harrison campaign are serious about getting America working again.

Earlier this week, the Regain Our Majority Program (ROMP) released a list of Republican candidates who will need even more aid to attempt to hold on to their seats.

You guessed it – Vito Fossella is on that list.

As of March 30, 2008 the NRCC has $7 million cash on hand to their rival the DCCC's $44.3 million. But before they start giving Fossella any money there are a few special elections for open formerly held Republican seats that they would like to keep and thus have to spend a little money on. Unfortunately one of those seats, IL-14 IL-04, Dennis Hassert's former seat went to Democrat Rep. Bill Foster, but not before the NRCC dropped $1.2 million into the race. This happened in March, so it is already accounted for in the NRCC's money and won't come out of that $7 million but is good to see how they are being forced to waste all of their resources before fall. This seat by the way has an R +4.5 PVI, meaning it is generally 6 points more favorable to Republicans than Fossella's seat.

Next up is MS-01, which as a R +10 PVI. The NRCC dropped $300,000 into that only to come up second, but forcing a run-off in a district that easily went for Bush. The Democratic candidate took 49.3% of the vote and is in very good shape to take this seat considering how extremely Republican leaning it is. Now MS-01 will have to go another round of elections and certainly more money will be spent. Chances are the Republican candidate spent everything trying to win this the first time so most resources will have to come from the NRCC coffers. This has to make Republicans everywhere cringe.

Then there is LA-06, R+7 PVI, where the NRCC has already dropped $250,000 and will certainly spend more as the May election approaches.

The NRCC has already spent over $550,000 in just those two races, and neither are over, that is not going to go into to saving Fossella's seat. So the NRCC is going to bail out Fossella, but who is going to bail out the NRCC?

update: New totals in. The NRCC is now in for $570,518 in MS-01 and $312,206 in LA-06. They will have spent well over $1 million trying to protect these extremely Republican seats.

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