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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Steve Harrison on Fossella and Cheney fundraiser

* Harrison Talks Green, Slams Fossella and Cheney, Daily Politics

Harrison goes on to assail Cheney and his history with Halliburton, adding: "We know how he feels about the environment. And who is Vito Fossella going to be beholden to if he's elected will be Dick Cheney. We can't allow that to happen."

* Harrison Doth Protest, Tom, polit.bureau
* Cheney Attends Fossella Fundraiser To Boost City’s Only GOP Congressman, Brooklyn Daily Eagle
* Fossella entertains Cheney at billionaire's fund-raiser, SI Advance

Democrat Stephen Harrison lambasted Fossella for joining with Koch, whose oil company has been fined millions of dollars for environmental violations.


He said the fund-raiser featuring Cheney, whose approval rating hovers around 20 percent, "shows that Congressman Fossella continues to be out of touch with what's happening out there."

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