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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vito Fossella brings Dick Cheney to NYC for help, protests Monday

via Truth13;

Progressive groups protest Dick Cheney/Koch Industries’ Vito Fossella fundraiser

Truth 13 and other progressive groups are organizing a protest Monday morning [April 21] outside a fundraiser for New York City’s only Republican House member, Vito Fossella, organized by Vice President Dick Cheney and polluters Koch Industries (pronounced Coke)..

Fossella’s Democratic opponent Steve Harrison is scheduled to appear.

When: 10 AM Monday April 21
Where: 740 Park Avenue (71st Street). [Google Maps]

About Truth 13: Founded in 2007, Truth 13 is an independent group of concerned citizens dedicated to removing New York's 13th Congressional District representative Vito Fossella from office. Their mission is to educate voters of the 13th Congressional District about their Congressperson's track record of voting for the interests of organizations like Koch industries instead of those of his constituents.

Here is another example of Fossella's vulnerability. Dick Cheney has a 15% approval rating, meaning a majority of his own party disapproves of him. Fossella clearly believes Cheney's money is far more important to his campaign right now than worrying about being associated with this administration. Fossella has had Cheney raise money for him before, but never has he openly flaunted his regard for Dick Cheney.

update: Democrats.com are joining the protests and just sent out an email to supporters asking for their participation;

Vice President Cheney will be in town shilling for cash for NY Congressman Vito Fossella. They'll be hosted by NYC's wealthiest resident, David Koch, the billionaire head of Koch Industries, a conglomerate with hugely polluting oil and gas holdings. Koch Industries is the second largest privately-held company in the U.S. and a major contributor to Republican campaigns.

Let's tell the luncheon guests: Fossella must go!

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