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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vito Fossella trails Recchia in cash on hand

Tom is reporting first quarter FEC numbers that show Vito Fossella now far behind Recchia in available cash. Based on his numbers here is how the first quarter results look compared to where we were back at the end of December 2007 (last quarter numbers in parenthesis);

Fossella (R): $148,641 ($304,453)
Harrison (D): $43,878 ($69,230)
Recchia (D): $129,690 ($220,770)

Fossella: $248,496 ($250,501)
Harrison: $91,131 ($83,116)
Recchia: $325,175 ($206,451)

This is huge if correct. Not only is Recchia ahead by $75,000 it appears that Vito Fossella not only already spent all the money he raised from January to March but in fact has less money now than he did at the end of December. He is going backwards in terms of fundraising. While Fossella will have raised $850,000 to date, he has spent $600,000 of that and isn't even campaigning yet. A question I will be curious to see an answer to is whether or not Fossella was able to finally get completely out of the massive debt he incurred in order to beat Harrison on 2006.

see: Fossella in Financial Trouble and Denial, part III

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