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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NRCC lists Fossella as vulnerable

His own party is now resorting to throwing money at his campaign and essentially creating a fire wall to stop the loses coming their way this November. Minority Leader Rep. Boehner (R-OH) has created a fund raising effort humorously called Regain Our Majority Program whose mission so far is to protect Republican incumbents including Rep. Vito Fossella. Via CQPolitics;

It’s not uncommon for congressional leaders to steer fundraising assistance to party candidates who are in difficult races and in need of extra campaign cash. One such effort is the House Republicans’ “ROMP,” an acronym for Regain Our Majority Program, which has released its latest list of Republican candidates who will benefit from additional aid because they are politically vulnerable and/or have been targeted by the Democrats for defeat.

The NRCC is significantly out fund raised by its Democratic rival the DCCC. They are facing serious problems recruiting top tier candidates. They have already lost the seat held by the former Speaker of the House Hastert in a special election and polling shows them down in special elections in Louisiana and Mississippi where they typically win easily. Republicans are in a world of hurt right now and are going to spend money protecting their vulnerable seats instead of going on the offensive. While Fossella has brushed aside the notion that Harrison and Recchia will be a tough campaign for him, his own party sees things differently and they are panicking.

Tom Wrobleski will probably think otherwise but Vito is vulnerable and now both sides recognize it.

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