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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Republicans very concerned about Fossella's seat

via Politico;

Fallout from New York Republican Rep. Vito Fossella’s drunken driving arrest last week could seriously jeopardize his hold on the Staten Island district and possibly cost the GOP yet another seat in the Empire State.


“The prospect of jail time would make it very hard for him to run again,” said Cook Political Report House analyst David Wasserman. “The difference between serving jail time and pleading down to a lesser charge makes a huge difference in Fossella’s political future.”


Fossella’s scandal also puts his lagging fundraising in greater focus. Fossella has been one of the weakest Republican fundraisers, and he has less cash on hand than Recchia.

via the Daily News;

Critics in his own party wondered whey he called Fay instead of his chief of staff, who also lives in Alexandria.

via the Advance (note, not necessarily a Republican);

One Island political observer was puzzled by Fossella's strategy.

"It's hard to figure out what's going on," the observer said. "This thing with the woman, it's a totally different environment. These questions have to be answered. He can't keep saying 'no comment.'"

via the Daily News;

"Until you see something worse [than DWI] and he resigns, he's going to be the candidate," said a Republican operative in Washington. "At this point in the game, a wounded incumbent is better than a no-name candidate."

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