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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vito Fossella Resignation Watch, Part 3

Saturday passed. Then Monday passed. Still no resignation despite this;


WNBC political reporter Jay DeDapper, citing "several top New York Republicans," says Rep. Vito Fossella will resign within the next 72 hours. [as of Friday]

The Albany Project pulled this quote from the same WNBC piece;

Several top New York Republicans said that Congressman Vito Fossella's resignation will come within the next 72 hours -- if not late Friday then certainly by Monday.

The article appears to have since been edited. Nonetheless it caused quite the frenzy with speculations. Here were my thoughts;

note: I remain some what cautious of believing he will resign as its the worst option for Republicans and the various press conferences that were reported as imminent never happened.

There are many stories going around right now and many leads to follow but that does not make it acceptable to forgo simple reason and legitimate reporting. For now Fossella did not resign. The likeliest scenario is that should he resign it will come after July 1 so Gov. Paterson can not call a special election. In the mean time enough with the BREAKING stories of his resigning and then the BREAKING stories of his not resigning, neither of which were stories in the end.

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