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Friday, May 30, 2008

You pay Frank Powers' tolls

Must be nice to be rich enough to serve on a board of directors and have pesky tolls paid for by hard working New Yorkers. I am not really sure how his serving on the board of the MTA is an attribute to this campaign.via the NY Times

For years, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has given its board members free passes to drive across its bridges and tunnels without paying tolls and to ride the subways, buses and commuter railroads without paying a fare. And when the board members retire, they are allowed to keep the passes for life.

On Wednesday the authority said it will go to court to defend the practice in the face of a challenge by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, who said that giving E-ZPass tags to board members violates a law that they must serve without compensation.

This means Frank Powers has been crossing bridges in and out of Staten Island for free, while the residents of the district cover his tab through tolls and MTA fares. Despite being able to loan himself $500,000 to run for Congress he has felt the need to not pay tolls since 2005. How many residents in this congressional district have those perks?

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At 2:37 AM, Anonymous Richard Platypus said...

Bonus points to any reporter who GETS FRANK POWERS TO COMMENT on whether he supports the MTA or Cuomo on this one.

Probably an easy question, considering he's presumably been using the damn pass for the past few years.

But still. Would be nice to have on record.


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