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Monday, June 09, 2008

Democratic Primary Debates?

As Ahmed covered Steve Harrison has asked Mike McMahon for a series of five debates for the district to get a better understanding of the two candidates and how they stand on the issues. This is a great move on Steve's part as it is widely accepted that he easily beat Fossella in most if not all of the debates in 2006. I am not very familiar with Mike's speaking so I would be curious to see these happen. On Mike's side though I have to imagine delaying them would be to his advantage as they both are currently still gathering ballot signatures and neither is guaranteed a spot in the primary without those. Also I have to imagine that Steve runs more progressive than Mike on several issues which could play to a Democratic audience frustrated with a conservative administration in DC. You can already see that playing out in Mike's recent remarks. via the Advance

"We look forward to scheduling debates with all the candidates," said McMahon campaign spokesman Patrick Brennan. "Right now, Councilman McMahon is focused on adopting a city budget that addresses the needs of his constituents and all New Yorkers."

Once candidates file their nominating petitions, Brennan said, "We will meet with the various campaigns and put in place a debate plan."

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At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SI County Committee is doing the petitions for McMahon. He doesn't need to do much at all.. it's a delay tactic.


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