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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GOP Candidate Speculation

First we hear not to expect any movement until after the funeral for Frank Powers, via TPM;

A national GOP source tells us that the party is already talking to local leaders about potential new candidates, but nothing will happen until after the funeral.

The funeral is scheduled for Friday.

As for the new round of potential candidates here are some thoughts, via the Advance;

Paul Atanasio (or Carmine Morano)

The GOP also is said to be looking at cross-endorsing Paul Atanasio, who received the backing of the Brooklyn Conservative Party after Powers' death, or Independence Party pick Carmine Morano.

Mike McMahon?

While some observers have mentioned the possibility of a GOP cross-endorsement of McMahon, borough Democratic chair John Gulino said that no one on the Republican side had approached him about it. "I wouldn't even discuss it at this time," Gulino said, alluding to the impropriety of discussing politics so soon after Powers' death. "Let's see what happens."

CQPolitics chimes in with a brutal possible reality for the Republican Party;

Though Republican Party officials they are unlikely to publicly concede the seat they have long held in New York City’s most strongly Republican district, Flanagan suggested they could decide that the disastrous first half of this year has already doomed them to lose in November. In that case, Flanagan said, they must consider “how do they lose in a way that doesn’t damage other candidates that are running for state offices?”

At the least, the Republican recruiters will be looking for a lesser-known candidate who could run a credible and possible competitive race. Among those considered possible picks under this scenario are Lisa Giovinazzo and Paul Atanasio.

Now we learn that the top hope, a second or third tier choice, Matthew Mirones is out.

So who wants it? Seriously, someone please just raise your hand. This seat is key to the Republicans Regaining their Majority, err, it is key to the local Republican Party not imploding, err, well someone really should just run for the civics lesson.

update: Lisa Giovinazzo
via the Advance;

Mirones' departure leaves attorney and broadcaster Lisa Giovinazzo as the top candidate for the borough GOP's endorsement.

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