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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Will any Republican make the ballot?

It is an interesting question, but not one that is too crazy to start thinking about. Before Frank Powers death we knew his campaign with the help of the party had gathered about 2,000 signatures of the 1,250 needed. However that number is lower than what anyone familiar with the process would recommend is needed to survive challenges (incorrect names, non district residents, non registered Republicans, etc.). The campaign collected those names in about 19 days. There are only 37 total in the petitioning window which closes on July 10 whether the Republicans get enough signatures or not. We are now down to 11 days left and the Republicans have not endorsed a candidate yet. That means right now Powers and Jamshad Wyne are the only Republicans with any ballot signatures, everyone else is starting from zero. Assuming someone gets endorsed and hits the ground collecting signatures right away they are looking at needing 300 a day. There are quite a few questions to be asking, for now mine is why is the party dragging its feet to endorse. They have lost most first, second and third tier potential candidates but that is still no reason to sit out this race while there are down ballot elections at stake. At this point I am not ruling out that after July 10th we will be looking at September 9th as the deciding election day, when Democrats head to the polls to elect their next member of Congress.


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