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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Would a Republican just take one for the team, please

No Republican wants to run for this seat. Seriously.

"We have an open seat, a seat held by Republicans for 28 years," Molinari said. "And somewhat discouraging, we have not been able to field a candidate that can go out there and win."

Molinari told us that local party leaders and prospective candidates will be meeting tonight or possibly tomorrow night with still other potential candidates to see if someone, anyone, will run against expected Democratic nominee Michael McMahon or his primary challenger Steve Harrison. [emphasis my own]

Let's just take a look at the who has been considered in the nomination process so far;

1. District Attorney Dan Donovan, asked to run by the NRCC, turned it down, doesn't want it now
2. State Senator Andrew Lanza, recruited by the NRCC after Donovan, didn't want it the first time, doesn't want it now
3. City Council Member James Oddo, no and no
4. Assemblyman Vincent Ignizio, no and no
5. City Council Member Lou Tobacco, no and no
6. Staten Island GOP Finance Chair Dr. Jamshad Wyne, declared he is running, no one cares, might still be running
7. GOP County Clerk Stephen Fiala
8. Brooklyn Republican Party Chair, Craig Eaton, name dropped himself and no one listened
9. Paul Atanasio, endorsed by the Brooklyn Conservative Party, might be running on that line, Staten Island Conservatives don't want him
10. former Assemblyman Robert Straniere
11. Staten Island Republican Chairman John Friscia
12. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Maltese
13. State Senator Marty Golden
14. Todd Tobbacco, once ran for the Assembly and lost
15. Glenn Yost
16. Carmine Morano, now running on the Independence line instead
17. Richard Hoffman, Vice President of the borough Young Republicans
18. Scott LoBaido
19. Dennis McKeon, I forget who this is
20. Curtis Sliwa, offered to run and was ignored
21. Lisa Giovanazzi, former front runner, considered front runner the second time, declined to run
22. Frank Powers, eventual candidate of choice after this whole list, was endorsed and sadly passed away creating a second round of nominations
23. Rep. Vito Fossella, seriously, he was the top tier choice during the second round
24. former Assembly Member Matthew Mirones, skipped the first round, was a top tier the second time around after Fossella, but withdrew
25. Mike McMahon, Democratic City Council Member, talked about being cross endorsed

Did I miss anyone?


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