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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NY-13 article round-ups

CQPolitics writes about Democratic candidate cash leads in open seats and mentions the ridiculous situation that is NY13;

Other Republican candidates only recently entered races for seats that opened up unexpectedly — another reason for some of their lagging fundraising efforts. In 13th District of New York, for instance, Democrat Michael McMahon has been raising money since the early spring to challenge Republican Rep. Vito J. Fossella . Fossella’s unexpected retirement in the wake of a drunk driving arrest and reports of an extramarital affair has left three Republicans scrambling for the GOP nomination in that contest. They have not yet filed any campaign finance reports.

Next Left Notes covers a Mike McMahon appearance at SIDA, describing the event as a moderate/conservative McMahon meeting a progressive SIDA;

This past Tuesday, McMahon addressed a meeting of the Staten Island Democratic Association in an attempt to reach out to progressives. SIDA is the most liberal of all of the Democratic clubs on Staten Island. McMahon was on the defensive for much of the evening, despite the fact that he brought a large entourage to the meeting.

CQPolitics covers the gains about to be made in New York state where they believe Democrats likely will pick up 5 of the 7 Republican held Congressional seats, including NY13.


At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Klugstah said...

The CQ article actually says the Democrats will pick up 5 of the 7 competitive seats this year, 3 of which are Democratic-held (NY-19, NY-20, and NY-24). This means they are predicting the Democrats only picking up two of the 6 Republican held seats. (There are presently 23 Democratic held House seats in NY.)


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