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Monday, July 28, 2008

The NYTimes' make believe "unity" issue

Yesterday the Times put out a semi decent article about the Democratic primary. They covered the similarities and differences between McMahon and Harrison in terms of campaign style and policy issues. Had it ended there I think it would be a great introductory article to voters on this race. Instead they tried to skew it into a more controversial story, proposing disunity among the party simply because the voters of the district are being offered a democratic option, we call it a primary. The Republicans have one of those too, but it is the Democrats they would have you believe are in turmoil over this non-fight. So now this is getting some coverage with people picking up on this theme they are pushing such as the Albany Times Union's really awful digested link;

Democrats are scrambling to fill the hole left by GOP Rep Vito Fossella in Staten Island’s 13th CD.

* Democrats are not scrambling, they had no problems getting on the ballot unlike the Republicans.

* Democrats are not scrambling to "fill the hole" unlike Republicans who almost didn't find a replacement for Fossella and then Powers.

* Democrats are not a enduring disunity, the Republicans are the ones refusing to support their own candidates and calling for future party leadership changes.

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