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Friday, September 05, 2008

After many many years, Fossella does something

Sadly its now that he has nothing to lose and on his way out of office. Ironically the Brooklyn Daily Eagle credits it to his clout in Congress. Fossella, now making public appearances (though not to talk family values) held a press conference announcing federal funding for the 86th street subway station. A station in much need for years finally will get some rehab and Fossella who failed to get any funding while in the majority for many years has some how now found the ability to round us $5 million for the station. A few years late and potentially now as a political gimmick to avert his Democratic successor from achieving this feat and showing him up. While we know Fossella has no clout the Daily Eagle nonetheless attributes the new found money to just that;

Showing his still-potent political clout, Fossella, a Republican-Conservative who dropped his re-election campaign in May after his DUI arrest and revelation of his extramarital affair, appears to have stolen McMahon’s thunder with his station rehab announcement.

So where was this 'clout' for the past ten years? Where was this 'clout' when he was in the majority? Maybe Fossella can get a consultant job with the MTA where he can wield more of this influence on NYC's behalf.


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