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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Republicans to end their headache Tuesday, start a new one Wednesday

The Wall Street Journal is taking a look at the Republican primary this Tuesday;

Mr. Straniere's big plus is that he's a known quantity. He is a former state assemblyman; he has the endorsement of his local newspaper and of Peter King, a Republican congressman from nearby Long Island; and he's working donors at the Republican National Convention like an old pro.

Mr. Straniere's big minus is that he's a known quantity – he seems to have made some enemies in his own party and he lost his statehouse job by being ousted in a primary. What's more, he used a Manhattan address on his campaign petitions. That's perfectly legal, but there are voters who prefer to be represented by someone who sets down roots in their district. Guy Molinari, a former congressman and Staten Island borough president who is still influential in local politics, told the New York Times: "We threw him out of office and got him off of Staten Island. And we don't want him back."

The article talks about how the Republican Party will catch a break after Tuesday. It humorously ends the piece "After Tuesday, their 13th District nomination nightmare will be over." That is true since they will have a nominee who won the primary and at least this whole primary nightmare (Fossella, Powers, son of Powers, Wyne, Straniere, Atanasio, that DA guy...) for the party will finally be over. It is a small victory considering their general election headache will only be worse as they will have either Bob from Manhattan or Jim Wyne officially as their candidate.

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