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Monday, October 27, 2008

Are we finally building a district-wide ground opperation?

Feb 2007;

The WFP GOTV effort has shown us that the old rhetoric that a seat is not winnable or is too conservative no longer rings true. How scalable and influential can this be in a congressional district in a Presidential year, well that remains to be seen. However we have learned one thing, that here in New York City, where incumbents and party machines seem to rule, good old canvassing and volunteer armies can shake things up from time to time.

March 2007;

And Innamorato, an Eltingville resident, said he will continue to fly the Democratic flag on the South Shore no matter what.

"I'm committed to building the party, enrolling voters and delivering good candidates to them," he said.

This week via the Advance;

In 2007, the McMahon forces worked the district on behalf of Manny Innamorato, who lost a City Council special election to Republican Vinny Ignizio.

At the time, McMahon and his supporters were looking down the road toward a possible 2009 run for Borough Hall.

As it turns out, the experience has come in handy a little sooner than expected.

"We're trying to get into every area of Staten Island, and into Brooklyn, every day," McMahon said of his overall campaign strategy. "And we're trying to spread our events around. That's an important message to send."

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