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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Straniere voted for massive tax increases

via a NY Dems press release;

Billion Dollar Bob: Republican Candidate Voted for Over $2 Billion in New Taxes

Straniere even supported raising the milk tax

Republican Bob Straniere is an expert at making promises he doesn't keep. While he continues to tell Staten Island and Brooklyn voters that he'll lower their taxes - his record says something to the contrary. During his time in the Assembly, Straniere voted for over $2 billion in new taxes.

Straniere voted against eliminating the state sales tax and against reducing property taxes. He also supported income and sales tax hikes, and even voted to raise the tax on milk.

"Not only has Bob Straniere voted for tax hikes that directly impacted Staten Island and Brooklyn voters, his new economic proposals blatantly ignore the needs of middle class families in his district," said Carly Lindauer, New York State Democratic Committee spokeswoman. "Voters in the 13th District cannot afford to send another out of touch Republican to Washington."

Billion Dollar Bob: Straniere's Voting History

FACT: Straniere voted against eliminating the state sales tax on clothing (which at the time would have amounted to a 4% discount). [SI Advance, 4/3/1997]

FACT: Straniere voted against reducing property taxes that would have provided homeowners with $650 million in relief. [SI Advance, 4/3/1997]

FACT: Straniere voted in favor of an income and sales tax hike, which amounted to $1.7 billion in new taxes, and even supported a 21-cent-per-gallon increased tax on milk. [SI Advance, 5/6/2003; 1/25/1998]

Overall, Straniere supported $2.35 billion in new taxes.

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