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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Qualified Candidates

Yesterday the most qualified candidate was elect to serve in Congress. Notably Mike McMahon crushed the long held stereotype of the pundits and arm chair analysts had of this race. To win you had to be Italian and from Staten Island. For years now many have over looked qualifications for these non critical traits to determine who can run for this office.

Post primary we had Bob Straniere who didn't like in the district and Mike McMahon who wasn't Italian. A win by either would put to rest this long held ridiculous notion. After the 2010 election this district wlll grow to adjust for population growth and redistricting likely will mean inclusion of more neighborhoods of Brooklyn. It is good that before then we realize we need the most qualified candidate to run for office and not someone with the right mailing address or a last name that ends in a vowel.

Residents of this district need someone who will represent them well in Congress, be a ethical leader and someone who fights for the needs of the district. It is a profound mistake that we ever let the notion that stereotypes determine our elected leaders slip into the context of or conversations and I hope that this old way of thinking is put to rest, for the good of us all.



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