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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I will not be blogging the election results tonight.  You can get the results faster on silive.com than I can update, so I am just duplicating efforts.  It is a little weird not to be blogging numbers as they come in, but I want to enjoy tonight.  

Here are some things to be looking at.  In 2004 this is how the Fossella v. Barbaro race ended;

Totals 2004

rep: 102,713

dem: 72,180

indy: 2,663  [Barbaro]

con: 10,221 [Fossella]

wfp:  36575 [Barbaro]

With Straniere at the top of the Republican line, expect many disillusioned voters to turn to the Independence and Conservative candidates.  They certainly both should far out pace the 2004 numbers for their party.  I am anticipating McMahon running away with this race.  So with that in mind here are the questions;

1. How much will Straniere loss by?  Barbaro took 41%, Harrison 43%

2. Can Carmine Morano over take Straniere for second?  For this to happen McMahon would likely have to be held close to or under 50%, while Morano and Straniere end up in the low 20%'s.

Good luck tonight to the McMahon campaign.


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