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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote McMahon on "Row E"

I received the following ask from a Working Families Party who is asking supporters to vote for Obama on their ballot line. I have inserted McMahon, but the reasonings are still the same. I hope you consider this;

Good candidates are important, and we have one in Mike McMahon.

We hope you're not just voting for him, but doing so enthusiastically on the Working Families ballot line ("Row E").

At least as important as the candidate is the party. Parties allow people to support a set of values, not just a candidate. Voting on the Working Families line on Tuesday counts the same, but it also says "Yes!" to the Working Families view of the world.

You're saying: we can do better than this. We can create a country in which all people have a decent shot at a meaningful, secure life.

It's not pie-in-the-sky. We know how to do it.

Health care for everyone. A decent job with decent wages. A house or an apartment you can afford. A good school with a good teacher. An end to stupid foreign policy adventures. An end to Wall Street rip-off artists.

That's the Working Families Party. We stand with you 365 days a year. Please stand with us tomorrow by voting for the entire Working Families Party ticket.

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