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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Following the money, part II

ABC News is reporting that Speaker of the House, Rep. Hastert is under investigation by the FBI. Rep. Hastert's PAC KEEP OUR MAJORITY is a large mover of money, so much so that his PAC has already doled out nearly $500,000 for the 2006 House cycle. Not to be shown up by Neil Volz (recently plead guilty to corrupting public officials), Rep. Hastert has been a big donor of Rep. Fossella's re-election campaigns. Here is the money Fossella will have to give back should this develop into a more severe situation for Hastert:

$5,000 in 2006
$2,000 in 1998

Considering the Culture of Corruption that is enveloping the Republican Party Rep. Fossella may soon look back and realize it would have been easier to take some heat and not give back any dirty money rather than hurt his wrist writing refund checks.


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