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Friday, June 23, 2006

Following the Money, Part III

Rep. Fossella's campaign is attacking the DCCC for suggesting he should return money he took from Rep. Jerry Lewis's PAC. The Staten Island Advance once again covers the story;

Now that Lewis has "become the latest high-ranking Republican to get caught in the web of investigation, it's time for all Republicans ... to do the right thing and return his dirty campaign money," DCCC spokesman Bill Burton said in a recent statement.


"I am publicly calling on the DCCC to return this scandal-tarred money," said Fossella. "If they fail to act, it will prove once again what a bunch of hypocrites they are."

DCCC spokeswoman Sarah Feinberg accused Fossella of trying to divert attention from Lewis' largess. "We are not the ones who are up for re-election," she said. "This is a matter between the congressman and his constituents."

Fossella has taken $6,000 from Rep. Lewis's PAC Future Leaders. Here is the FEC report for a $5,000 contribution last year.

Fossella has thus far taken money from Neil Volz who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to corrupt public officials. He was forced to donate all of that.

Fossella has also taken $10,000 from the recently resigned Rep. Tom Delay's PAC, ARMPAC. DeLay is currently under indictment in Texas for money laundering. He has yet to give back any of that money.

Fossella has also taken $7,000 from Speaker of the House Rep. Hastert who is engulfed in controversy because he "earmarked $207 million for an Illinois highway project to earn himself and his wife nearly $2 million in profits on nearby land." Fossella has yet to give back any of that money.

Fossella has also yet to return any money he raised during an event that the RNCC promoted by inviting donors to "Join Vito Fossella ... with Tony Rudy and Jack Abramoff for a baseball game." Tony Rudy has plead guilty to conspiracy and Jack Abramoff has also plead guilty to a total of five criminal felony counts in two different Federal cases.

Finally, Fossella received a trip to Vail Colorado paid for lobbyists so that him and three other Republican representatives, most notably Rep. Bob Ney who most recently has topped likely list of members of Congress to be brought down by the Abramoff case. Fossella has yet to repay the costs associated with this trip.

Remember the DCCC is not the congressional representative for the thirteenth district of New York. Fossella can try to change the subject but that does not explain the amount of dirty money he has received and is refusing to give back.


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