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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DCCC 40+ seat pickup?

via DCCC;

Democrats said private polls have convinced top party officials that they could pick up 40 or more seats -- nearly double their internal projections from a week ago -- if they spend enough money on television advertising for long-shot races...Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) has privately signed off on targeting a new group of GOP incumbents who were once considered safe for reelection, starting with Rep. Gil Gutknecht in rural Minnesota, officials said...The DCCC is likely to go deep into debt, perhaps topping the $11 million deficit it racked up in 2004. The committee can borrow as much as a bank is willing to lend. The other option is to take money out of Republican districts that the party is confident it is almost certain to win.

Groups like the DNC and DCCC are taking out loans and going into debt, not because of lack of fundraising, but because of the plethora of races to fund, a problem that usually does not concern these groups. The choice is yours on whether you want to send Harrison to DC to join the majority and fix the screw ups of the past six or so years, or do you secretly want another two years of this district getting nothing. Think about it, sleep on it if you need to.


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