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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Harrison opposes overdevelopment in SI

via SI Advance;

"My opponent has been happy to let development happen without much oversight and call it someone else's responsibility," Harrison said at the corner of Van Duzer and Broad streets in Stapleton, across from a vast, multi-unit townhouse development. "Instead of bringing leadership to Staten Island, my opponent and other Republicans have brought weapons of mass construction."

Harrison, an attorney who took part in large rezoning efforts as a member of Brooklyn's Community Board 10, was joined by Assemblyman John Lavelle (D-North Shore), the borough Democratic chairman, and City Councilman Michael McMahon (D-North Shore).


While federal officials cannot change zoning laws, Harrison said there is much Congress can do to help alleviate the problems caused by overdevelopment, including congested roads and overcrowded schools.

If elected, Harrison said he would call for increased federal highway and school-construction funds. He also said the city should adopt a "like-for-like" zoning law, which would mandate that if a home is razed, the new residence be limited to the same size, footprint and density as the building it replaces.

Lavelle said Harrison presented a "refreshing view" of Congress' potential role in curbing overdevelopment.

"We need that level of help from the federal government," Lavelle said.


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