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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where is de Blasio?

On Thursday I mentioned that Council member Bill de Blasio has been sending out emails about his efforts to help Democrats win some House seats in NY and PA. I was rather critical since none of the emails to date have specifically promoted Stephen Harrison. Mr. de Blasio had no problems jumping into the endorsement and aid game in the Democratic primary for the NY-11 seat that Yvette Clarke won the nomination for.

The Democratic Primary is just days away! Want to help make a difference this election season? Hit the campaign trail with Team de Blasio!

Bill will be campaigning for Yvette Clarke this weekend and on Primary Day, September 12, in the critical race for the 11th Congressional District. If you can join him, call [removed]. We will find a time and location that is convenient for you. To find out more about Yvette, please visit her website: www.voteyvette. com.

--Friends of Bill de Blasio

So where are the emails, contributions and volunteer requests for the Democratic nominee of the race he almost jumped into? I don't want to spend time being critical of the party when there is so much to cover with Vito still, however one of the major disappointments is the lack of support from elected Democrats in this race. Too many of them seem to be looking out for their own future concerns and less about what is best for us right now; electing Stephen Harrison, and being one seat closer to a Democratic majority in the House.


Yesterday I told Bay Ridge civic activist Stephen Harrison that I will vigorously support his campaign in the 13th District. A Democrat can and will win this seat. I ask that those of you who encouraged me to run to now join me in campaigning for Steve. Together we can take back this seat and send Democratic leadership we can trust to Washington.

This was a letter from Mr. de Blasio on his decision not to seek the nomination for this race, back on April 11, 2005.


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