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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vito and Dick Cheney BFF

Rep. Vito Fossella really needed a new BFF after that fallout with Rep. Foley (R-Land of Child Predators). So whom better for "Independent" Fossella, than Vice President Cheney. From a dinner VP Cheney and Vito had together;

We're going to continue making progress for the American people, and in that work we could not ask for a better partner than Congressman Vito Fossella. (Applause.) Once again, I want to thank all of you for your commitment to the cause we share, and for electing Vito to Congress. Every time you vote for this man, you're voting for a better America, and for a strong, effective, patriotic Congressman who never forgets who sent him to Washington. The President and I look forward to working with Vito for a good many years to come.

Aww how sweet. It is amazing that the VP would associate with such an independent and non-partisan like Fossella. Then again the White House likes those other independents; Hastert, DeLay, Ney.

hat tip to Daily Gotham


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