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Monday, October 09, 2006

2nd Debate Tonight

Oct. 9
United Methodist Church
6144 Amboy Rd, S.I.
8:00 pm


At 9:23 AM, Blogger msirt said...

My wife and I attended this debate. IMHO, Harrison walked all over Fossella. I posted this in an AMERICABlog comment window when I got home:

I am charged up tonight. My wife and I attended a debate between our congressional candidates, Vito Fossella (R) and Steve Harrison (D) - (NY13). Fossella is New York City's only Republican Congressman, representing the very strong Republican base that resides here.

Harrison walked all over him. Sharp as a nail and unrelenting, Harrison had to remind Fossella frequently the he was a Republican (Fossella uses the banner: "An INDEPENDENT fighter for Staten Island").

Fossella tried to keep the issues local but Harrison successfully kept the focus on the administration 's attack on the Constitution, to which Fossella replied: "Well the constitution is not a "suicide pact" (and therefore can be ignored if it's judged by the administration & party in power that national security requires it to be ignored).

And this debate took place deep in "Fossella territory"

Harrison's campaign is cash poor because the Dems have written off a victory by him, but I tell you, he is one smart, principled firebrand.

All his campaign literature proudly displays "Democrat", while Fossella, as mentioned above, hides his party affilliation by highlighting INDEPENDENT in his literature and with no mention of REPUBLICAN to be found on his banners or on his web site (Fossella has voted with Republicans 90% of the time and has a long list of Repug PAC contributors, including:

21st Century Freedom PAC
Back America's Conservatives PAC
Cmte for the Preservation of Capitalism
Every Republican is Crucial PAC
Freedom Project
Growth & Prosperity PAC
Keep Our Majority PAC
Leadership PAC 2006
Majority Initiative-Keep Electing Repubs
Promoting Republicans You Can Elect
Prosperity Helps Inspire Liberty PAC
Rely on Your Beliefs
Rich PAC
Texas Freedom Fund
Together for Our Majority

So maybe Fossella's running scared?)

If you want to help a Dem in a congressional contest that up till now has been off the radar (major Democratic party organizatiions are not contributing to him) go to Steve's web site and donate if you can.

And this morning I added this on another thread:

Just to add a few afterthoughts, having slept on it:

Fossella, who brags in his literature about voting against Bush's policies (very occasionally - but still a 'bragging point') was forced by Mr. Harrison to repeatedly extol the administration on Iraq & national security with the tired "they're the only people protecting us" and "9/11 - never again" lines. So, if Fossella had planned to distance himself from Bush, the Democrat made sure he was stuck to him.

My wife and I can't get over how good this guy was. The small church hall was about 50/50 in terms support/non-support based on the "hoot & howl meter readings" registered after each respective set of comments. But the pro -Harrison forces in the audience certainly made a good showing and a lot of noise in this heavily Republican area. I can't wait to see today's local paper. There was heavy press coverage of the event.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger The Subway Serenade said...


Posted your review at Firedoglake and some Blogforamerica affiliates. Hope you dont mind. If you are able to post at Kos (I've been banned) you may want to put it in a diary.

Great review. Thanks


At 10:40 PM, Blogger me said...

Subway Serenade commenting on my blog??? No freaking way. Welcome and thanks for the debate coverage msirt, i may post some of this after I get through the list of other posts I need to get through...


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