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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Smell the panic?

Fossella orders a poll, and refuses to release the results.
A day later he agrees to four debates.
He then agrees to a fifth debate.
He didn't debate his challenger in 2004.
Fossella attacks Harrison's policy issues, instead of ignoring his challenger.
Fossella starts dropping local Democratic names in his talking points, claiming his bipartisan nature.
Fossella pays to have a commercial produced.

Tonight I came home and found a redstate.com article referencing Fossella in my RSS reader. Redstate essentially is the leading national conservative blog, meaning it has no business covering this race. This race any other day can't even make its radar, let alone be close enough to throw rocks at it, and that is with an incumbent Republican.

Redstate went after Harrison on taxes, which is nothing to be concerned about. However did preview a direct mail piece Fossella is going to send out on Harrison raising taxes and prompted readers to throw some money at this race.

If you didn't think this race was close, wake up, this just made the viability of this pick up jump up a tier or two.

Show Harrison some love, or if you prefer make Vito sweat a little: donate


At 12:47 PM, Blogger msirt said...

That mailing is a blatant lie. I was at the debate, and what Harrison said was: He would remove the Republican instituted tax breaks for the wealthiest American individuals and corporations while giving tax relief to the middle-class and poorer segments of society. That Harrison is "planning" to institute that list of tax increases is a lie and that "hold on to your wallet" line is total nonsense. Harrison never said anything on 10/9 that could possibly be construed that he had such a 'plan'.

Can one write the Advance before that mailing is actually sent or can one do it now?


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