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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vito and Foley not BFF

a hat tip to the Politicker (ok, so they come through occassionally and even fix my commenting errors), via Rep. Vito Fossella;

"Mr. Foley's behavior was inappropriate, offensive and repugnant. If the allegations are true, Mr. Foley should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There are currently federal and state investigations that are going on as well as an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. We do not yet have all the facts on whom in Congress knew the full extent of what was occurring or when those individuals knew it. I will wait for all the facts to be presented before passing judgment on their actions. I will continue to monitor this closely. I also donated $2000. in contributions from Mr. Foley to organizations in Staten Island and Brooklyn."

Apparently he has had soo much success with "staying the course" he is applying it here too. In time we will see Hastert and Reynolds as liberators good guys, who did their job? As for that investigation by the ethics committee, well that isn't happening. On the day Congress voted to recess, they also voted to send to the ethics committee the complaint against Foley, allowing the Ethics committee to decide the timeline of handling matters. Congress is in recess, they are not in hearings investigating anything. They won't be back until after the elections in November. Had Congress voted to open an investigation, the Ethics Committee would have had to investigate and report a preliminary finding in 10 days, recess or not. There is no Ethics Committee investigation.


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