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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vito's escalation

Rep. Vito Fossella has already told us that he supports the President and his infinite wisdom and supports increasing the amount of troops we send to Iraq as part of a troop surge or troop escalation.

At the time the President was saying we would need 21,000 more troops.
Vito applauded.
Then he said 4,400 more on top of that.
Vito applauded.
Then the top US commander in Iraq asked the President for 3,000 more troops.
Vito, I am sure applauded.

This is Vito's escalation. This is Vito's war. Every step of the way he has told us he is independent, and then without question supported President Bush. In 2008, whether we are out of Iraq or not, President Bush leaves his current job and can't screw up or fix things any more than he has. In 2008 Vito is planning on running for re-election to go back to DC to more of the same.

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