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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

LTE: Lavelle and Iraq

In a Wednesday 'Letter to the Editor' (LTE) in the SI Advance, a writer notes that the late Assemblyman Lavelle was long a man of conscience having opposed the idea of invading Iraq before it was a well supported position;

This war is an international crisis that has engulfed us at every level, killing and maiming our soldiers, decimating Iraqi families, and siphoning off our tax dollars that should be being used for education, housing, public safety and health care. John Lavelle's answer back in 2003 showed courage and leadership. Where are the courageous leaders today?

Read the whole piece here.

As for where Rep. Vito Fossella is today? Well he is typically at the airport sending troops off in style, that is without training, without protective body armor and without enough resources. How dare anyone question his loyalty.

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