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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Vito's escalation, part II

So you recall Rep. Vito Fossella adamantly speaking against the Congressional effort to limit President Bush's plan to send more and more troops into Iraq to support his 'accomplished' mission? Just in case you don't, here is what we wrote on March 20;

At the time the President was saying we would need 21,000 more troops.
Vito applauded.
Then he said 4,400 more on top of that.
Vito applauded.
Then the top US commander in Iraq asked the President for 3,000 more troops.
Vito, I am sure applauded.

So that is 28,400 of the 21,000 Bush told us about, and Fossella backed. Now 12,000 more;

Coming on the heels of a controversial “surge” of 21,000 U.S. troops that has stretched the Army thin, the Defense Department is preparing to send an additional 12,000 National Guard combat forces to Iraq and Afghanistan, defense officials told NBC News on Thursday. [MSNBC]

40,400 mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters out of the only 21,000 Fossella told us was necessary. How many times until Fossella's attempts to mislead us catch up with him?

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