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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Funding Iraq or health benefits for 9/11 responders?

in an interview with Rep. Nadler (D-NY) he talks about health conditions around Ground Zero, via the Politicker;

He went on to say that "the average cost of an apartment that was found to be contaminated was estimated at between $10-20,000. Per apartment. Now, you may have thousands of apartments -- thousands of work spaces. We don’t know. So, it's possible it's several billion dollars. Possibly a lot less. We just don’t know until we do the assessment."

"Now that’s a lot of money," he added. "Almost three days of the Iraq War. It puts it in perspective. To save our people from future illnesses and sickness, we can’t afford this kind of money, but we piss it away in three days in Iraq."

Fossella is the only New York City member of Congress to not sign on to Nadler's letter asking Congress for money to fund the health care needs of our first responders suffering from various ailments related to contamination of the area around Ground Zero.

Then there is the 2004 CNN interview where Fossella used his time to praise Bush while Rep. Nadler questioned why there was no funding for these health care needs.

Rep. Fossella neglects our domestic needs in order to chase windmills in the middle east.

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