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Monday, May 21, 2007

The bridge revisited; Fossella's amateur hour

The Port Authority, the agency which controls most of the bridges and tunnels into and out of New York City has recently disclosed it is looking into city-wide imlpementation of swapping out toll booths for newer EZPass technology a plan taken right out of Stephen Harrison's campaign in 2006. You may remember this as the Veranzano proposal that Fossella so adamently opposed as being harmful to Staten Island. The Port Authority, whose area of expertise is this sort of planning disagrees;

"An all-electronic toll system would be a tremendous boon to our road-transportation system, helping to smooth the choke points at bridges and tunnels, reduce traveler delays and potentially prove a benefit to regional air quality," PA Executive Director Anthony Shorris said yesterday.

The PA plans to study the feasibility of replacing the tollbooths with a combination of E-ZPass sensors and cameras that snap pictures of license plates in order to send drivers a bill. This system would also enable the PA to use "dynamic pricing" - meaning the tolls could fluctuate depending on traffic congestion in a way similar to Mayor Bloomberg's congestion-pricing proposal for Manhattan. [via NY Post]

Transportation advocates applauded the PA's proposal.

Whereas Fossella, well he just makes stuff up. via the SI Advance;

"Those who like more traffic on Staten Island, those who like more air pollution on Staten Island, will love Steve Harrison's plan," Fossella said at a press conference near the bridge.


Harrison has said that if elected, he would consider bringing back the two-way toll, were the toll eliminated for congressional-district residents and a high-speed E-ZPass collection system installed.

Sadly Rep. Vito Fossella can make unfounded comments like that and have zero media scruntiny. Where were the stories that Fossella himself pushed for a similar system on the Outerbridge Crossing? Where were the stories that then Gov. Pataki praised the plan? Where is the coverage calling out Fossella for blantly making stuff up as he goes along? He said it would cause pollution and harm air quality, yet he was never required to show any proof to validate those claims, claims the Port Authority have now all but debunked. In the end Fossella's arguments are the intellectual equivalent of a 10 year old responding "I know you are, but what am I."

more posting on the toll removal plan;
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At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Little Blue PD said...

We all have to wonder what Bloomberg is really thinking of with this congestion pricing tax scheme. Maybe he mostly just wants a new tax. Just wrap it up in ‘concern for the environment’, and then people can just demonize those who oppose it.

If he cares so much about traffic jams, congestion and air pollution, why does he let Park Avenue be blocked off? Why doesn’t he do anything about that?

It's true, Pershing Square Restaurant blocks Park Avenue going South at 42nd St. for about 12 hours a day/5 months of the year! This Causes Massive Congestion & Air Pollution!

But apparently it does not bother NYC’s Nanny-in-Chief Mike “Congestion Pricing Tax” Bloomberg? Check out the map!


Check it out!


Little Blue PD


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