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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Introducing twitter updates

On the right hand side of the blog you might note we have added a 'twitter' widget, and if you noticed it you probably know what it is and what it does. For the rest of us let me introduce you to our twitter updates. Twitter is a free service that let's us post short comments about what we are doing, typically what is being blogged about here on NY13 or upcoming topics currently in research phases. Then twitter distributes them via text messages to your cell phone if you like, instant message or more simply to our twitter page and the twitter widget on the right. What is the advantage of this over a simple blog post? Well we are not entirely sure just yet and test driving it, but just as RSS feeds improve blog reading Twitter can improve the speed of information distribution. Should Rep. Fossella get indicted on fraud charges in connection with Jack Abramoff, well if you became out friend/follower on twitter you would know before we even have a blog post up with all the sored details. Click the "follow" link under the twitter widget and go be our friend or follower and help us test this function out and be ready for the '08 NY13 election action.



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