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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Candidate speculation: Cusick

This really is a two part post; 1. candidate speculation showing a potential three horse race for the primary and 2. all around bad reporting and partisan hackery from the party.

From Tom's reporting at the SI Advance;

McMahon has been boosting his pal, Brooklyn Councilman Domenic Recchia, but Cusick is being lobbied to take on the race as well, mainly by Democrats in Washington, D.C., including, we'd imagine, his old boss, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

"Nothing has changed," Cusick told us of his congressional deliberations. "I'm still taking a serious look at it."

Should Cusick jump into the race I feel as though he clears the field and almost automatically becomes the nominee. The problem is he is in no apparently rush to decide. We saw last year how disastrous the indecision of the party was with candidates still mulling over the idea in April, seven months before the election. This time around we had Fossella starting off in debt and a chance to from the gate out raise him quarter after quarter and every month a candidate thinks he does not have to make a decision yet and picks some arbitrary date off in the future we lose on fund raising, media coverage and the opportunity to simply pound Vito on any number of issues.

And then the political hackery;

One Democrat says that any candidate would have to have $100,000 in the bank by the first filing date in July in order to be considered a serious player in the race and draw the attention of off-Island money types.

After the Cusick speculation in the article you get to that gem of a quote. First off who is this anonymous Democrat and why are they wishing to remain anonymous? Nothing in that statement is damaging or offensive to any candidates and would require off the record commentary. I am not sure how this is reporting, since that one Democrat could be me or you or Sen. Schumer for all we know. The problem is we don't know, and we don't know the validity of that comment. That leads me back to the anonymity of it all and to the presumption that the intent may be to damage or disuade someone from entering the race, which at the moment would be either Harrison or Recchia. Certainly I have been calling for candidates to jump in the race and have guessed that they need to reach $100,000 by December in order to be the presumed front runner if not clear out the field with their proven fund raising abilities, however this quote concerns me and questions whether there is any more research that goes into articles than what I put into blog posts.

no movement
positive movement (towards candidacy)
downgraded movement (away from candidacy)
Stephen Harrison
Council Member Recchia
Assemblyman Cusick
Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer
State Senator Savino
Council member McMahon

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