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Monday, August 20, 2007

The cost of Iraq on Staten Island and Brooklyn

Boulding of DailyGotham brings us this find outlining the cost per congressional district of the war in Iraq. Needless to say if we were willing to fund projects here at home instead of in Iraq we would live in much more prosperous community.

What Citizens of New York's 13th District Could Have Gotten Instead:
· Health care coverage for 283,252 people—or 536,733 kids, or
· Head Start for 177,181 additional kids, or
· 18,745 new elementary school teachers, or
· 256,786 scholarships to make college more affordable, or
· Renewable electricity for 2,917,228 homes, or
· 8,857 affordable housing units, or
· 30,939 public safety officers to keep the streets safe

but the best summation is his wrap-up;

Maybe it's time for a Congressman who doesn't insist on throwing his constituents' tax dollars down the Iraq sinkhole.

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