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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

House passes SCHIP bill, yet much work ahead for Fossella

Late last night the House passed the new SCHIP conference bill agreed to by both the House and Senate. The bill passed 265-159. Rep. Vito Fossella voted yes on the new bill, despite voting no on the House's earlier version of SCHIP expansion on August 1.

The bill is widely expected to pass the Senate with a 'veto-proof' majority, although fell short of the magic 289 votes needed in the House for this 'veto-proof' majority. This is important because President Bush has been adamant about vetoing this bill in favor of big insurance companies.

Democrats in the House have promised to continue to bring this bill to a vote should Bush veto it. Republicans are on notice that they will continually have to record a vote on the matter and are put in the position of having to support or condone their fellow party members and President should they continue to prevent passage of extending health care to millions of children.

via CQPolitics;

Democrats said they plan to bring the issue up repeatedly -— and to continue to enlist the help of moderate Republicans such as Sen. Charles E. Grassley to help their cause.

Fossella has taken a small step in the right direction but now needs to work on getting this past a veto.

“I wouldn’t want to be the guy that vetoes this bill. And I would not want to be the guy that supports the fellow who did veto the bill.” Rep. Dingell

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