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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vito Fossella and the Nobel Prize

Certainly this is not a lead in to say Vito Fossella has been nominated. No, he recently made waves when he appeared on Hannity and Colmes on Fox News deriding Al Gore's Nobel Prize announcement. Via Newshounds;

“What calls to me is this notion of, I think, diluting what the Nobel Peace Prize is.” Fossella reiterated Hannity’s complaint that Gorbachev and Arafat had won and then named what he thought were obviously better candidates. “I would think people like the United States Air Force or the Marine Corps that brings about peace in this world or Ronald Reagan who was denied it. I think it dilutes what it all means and it calls into question what it’s all about. Are there legitimate issues that the vice president has raised over time? Yes, but I do think the American people deserve more truth.”

While he does get points for managing to throw Ronald Reagan's name in there, there are a few flaws in his attack. First, Ghandi never received the peace prize which seemingly is a far larger oversight than Reagan. Second the award can not go to more than three individuals which would eliminate our armed forces, the wonderfully brave men and women who protect our country. That said maybe a better suggestion for Fossella could have been UN Peace keepers but let's not keep down his rant. Finally my question to Rep. Fossella is did he even bother to nominate anyone or like the rest of his congressional duties and allowances does he ignore those and barely get by putting in minimal effort. After all the organization clearly states that nominations can be submitted by;

Members of national assemblies and governments of states;

My guess is he has no clue and just wanted to complain while doing nothing to change the situation, exactly what you want out of a member of Congress. I imagine most of his bills, resolutions and votes are prepared with the same amount of vigor and research.

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