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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fossella scared of Recchia candidacy?

Early robo-calling from the Republican party in the district seem to indicate that the party and even Rep. Fossella himself are concerned over a Domenic Recchia candidacy. Via Tom;

Democrats, of course, crowed that the GOP's shot across the bow proved that Republicans are truly worried about Recchia. Insiders couldn't recall anything like this being done so early in a congressional cycle here before.

Democrat Steve Harrison, for example, has already launched his rematch bid against Fossella, and nobody on the GOP side has seen fit to take him down a peg.

Any early Republican efforts against Democrats are a good sign for those running against Fossella. That is effort and money spent now months out, that isn't being invested in re-elect efforts for Fossella. With a contested DA's race coming up this November, I gladly welcome any misguided expenses towards protecting a Congressional seat still a year off.

Finally, it seems curious the angle taken in regards to Harrison. While his third quarter numbers may not have any coverage in traditional media yet, we know he is expected to announce nearly $50k, still three months before he even announced last time around. While the perceived logic says Fossella is attacking Recchia, what are the chances his campaign wants to mitigate Harrion's filing and change to conversation to focus on an untested Recchia. Either way, this is good news for our Democratic candidate and potential candidates.

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