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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vito Fossella hates the poor, nothing new

And yet again Vito Fossella votes to cut off funding from improving the lives of Americans other than his own. H.R. 3246: Regional Economic and Infrastructure Development Act of 2007 passed the House by a vote of 264-154. Vito voted NO, while the rest of the New York state Republicans with just the exception of Peter King voted in favor of the bill.

Fossella has already voted NO on housing assistance bill for Native Americans, one of only 75 no votes (333 yes votes). He has voted against extending housing assistance to low income families still recovering from hurricane Katrina.

Fossella consistently opposes any help for needy Americans. Fossella continues to have the option to reach out and help raise someone else up and turns his backs on them. It is one thing to spout fiscal conservatism as an excuse for this action, but when a majority of your own party is working with the Democrats to pass some of these, there simply is no excuse other than Fossella hates the poor and needy. If only he wasn't short sighted enough to look into the NYC harbor and see that statue and what it stands for.



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