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Saturday, November 03, 2007

More answers coming from the FEC on Recchia's campaign

The FEC seems as though it will be our only friend in figuring out Recchia's campaign and what it is capable of. November 8 (or possibly sooner) will be a day to circle on the calendar.

According to the FEC's Candidate Registration page "An individual becomes a candidate for federal office (and thus triggers registration and reporting obligations under the Act) when his or her campaign exceeds $5,000 in either contributions or expenditures." Back on October 24, Domenic Recchia hosted his first fund raiser. The suggested contribution amounts were $100, $250, $500 and $1,000. It is likely that Recchia will trigger that $5,000 campaign contribution limit making him an official candidate.

"Within 15 days after an individual becomes a candidate, he or she must designate a principal campaign committee as the principal committee to receive contributions and make expenditures on the candidate’s behalf. This designation must be made in writing by filing a Statement of Candidacy (FEC Form 2 [PDF]) or by filing a letter with the same information (i.e., the individual’s name and address, the district and/or state in which the federal office is sought, and the name and address of his or her principal campaign committee)." [via FEC]

Fifteen days would take us to November 8, however we may not have to wait that long. We see that Recchia already has a principal campaign committee Recchia for Congress. Further;

"Within 10 days after it has been designated by the candidate, the principal campaign committee must file a Statement of Organization (FEC Form 1 [PDF]) with the FEC or, in the case of Senate candidates, with the Secretary of the Senate. The Statement must identify the committee’s treasurer, bank depositories, any other committees authorized by the same candidate 4 and other pertinent information, described below. 11 CFR 102.1(a) and 102.2(a).' [via FEC]

Those 10 days would take us to November 18 at the latest, but we know Recchia for Congress already has a declared treasurer so it would lead one to believe the rest of those requirements have also probably been reported. So it looks as though announced or not Domenic Recchia is now an official candidate for Congress. Up next is any indication of his fund raising prowess.

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At 9:15 PM, Blogger Rosalie907 said...

I really don't care about his ability to raise funds. He doesn't belong in the race, doesn't live in the district and the voters will know that very well by September 2008. You think Staten Islanders are going to vote for this guy when they find out he doesn't live in the district.

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey NY-13 in "06" you posted about the A.D 60 race. I live in 10306 on S.I. and have seen this hyer-spencer woman a few times now. WOW what a woman,smart,classy,not a cursing Oddo or one of those loud mouth press mongers. she was at MTA with and saw her at a Civic meeting. This is a congresswoman if i ever saw one. What more do you know about her.


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