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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LTE: Bush vs. Democratic Congress

I am moving on from writing introductions to these. I think you understand the drill by now. A recent LTE in the Advance;

Bush's little war, which was going to pay for itself, will cost over $1 trillion. Even with that, we could have kept our economy stable, but not when Republicans gave billions to the top 5 percent.

Who is going to get stuck with the bill? The poor, the elderly, the middle class, but not that 5 percent. Then you read article after article saying things like, President likens Congress to teen with credit card.

Where is it written that the media has to regurgitate Bush's lies? When they know a politician is lying and media repeats the lies as though it were the truth, that's called propaganda.

I sense a larger amount of letters coming through expressing displeasure in either Fossella, Bush or government as a collective whole. Continue to connect Fossella to Bush and you have a campaign strategy.

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